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A unique skin care experience inspired by nature!

The Velvet – Love for Nature cosmetic products created from natural extracts, oils and essences of Mediterranean plants, to offer all the valuable moisturizing, antioxidant, soothing, anti-irritant and refreshing properties, while leaving a feeling of freshness and a velvety, silky texture.

Research & Development

The R & D department, being constantly updated of the trends and needs of the market- both domestic and international- carries out systematic research and experiments for the creation of new products and methods.

Focusing on the three parameters of vital importance-quality, effectiveness and protection of the environment- NILO provides solutions to contemporary demands in the field of cleaning and disinfection. As a collaborator of large European companies it automatically enjoys the following advantages:

1. It can ensure the high quality of its products.
2. It benefits from overseas know-how.
3. It can safeguard its leading position within the Greek market.
4. It regularly carries out worldwide market research.

Our prompt familiarization with the development of new products (new applications, new formulas, colors, or perfumes), or on issues related to new packaging (ecological bottles, new designs, etc.) in combination with its flexibility, gives NILO the advantage of structuring and demonstrating instantly, every new product from the European market.

This advantage automatically benefits its chain-clients and collaborators, enabling them to be constantly aware of what may constitute the future desires and demands of European consumers and thus stay one step ahead.

Products & services

For NILO, progress knows no boundaries. NILO is one of the few companies –with the exception of large multinational companies- that considers constant improvement of performance in products and services to be a commitment to our passion for progress.

Regarding the products, due to their constant improvement, the specialization in their production process and hygienic conditions, NILO CO is customer-orientated. Our highest priority is to provide optimal service to customers, wherever they may be. The future plan is to establish an electronic interconnection with its customers through E.R.P. system. This will enable NILO to fully understand its customers’ needs and lead to improved management of its warehouses.

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