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Our vision was to harness all the goodness and power of Mediterranean nature and seal it in each one of our products. Thus, the Velvet – Love for Nature series was created, transforming face, body and hair care into an enriching and enjoyable experience inspired by nature.

We have used natural extracts, oils and essences from carefully selected plants of the Mediterranean that offer all their precious properties-moisturising, softening and revitalising, as well as anti-oxidant, anti-irritant, soothing and protective-to create a complete range of products with the perfect balance of natural ingredients. Not only effective but pleasurable to use with their fresh, cool fragrances and velvet-smooth, silky feel. All our love for nature in a range of products that bring a whole new concept to the world of natural cosmetics!


With over 20 years experience and expertise in skin care, NILO created and presents the new series of natural cosmetic products Velvet – Love for Nature!

The Quality Control Department is one of the most vital parts of the company’s organization, since the application of scientific methods,

fully control and monitor the production process, from the raw material stage, up to the storage of finished products, ensuring traceability and quality.


Environmental Management Policy

Our company “D. PAPAMICHAIL & Co EU”-NILO is fully aware of the importance of the services that it provides, both to our client-companies and to the wider community, and is therefore committed to fully complying with existing national & local legislation, keeping abreast of any changes and developing according to the demands of technology, continually improving its services by updating all procedures and methods employed in the provision of services and the manufacture of products.

For all the above reasons, the company has secured certification with an Environmental Management System according to Standardization ISO 14001, which includes all practical tools and framework to manage our company’s environmental responsibilities. Thus NILO:

Reviews and deals with all the environmental aspects of its activities, determining and organizing action programs aimed at the improvement of its environmental attitude, therefore minimizing or even eliminating all the environmental impacts that are potentially caused by any business activity.

Remains committed to constantly implementing, monitoring, and improving all environmental measures that have been established.

Sets and determines annual goals for all the measurable standards concerning its environmental attitude.

Records and assesses the way clients and colleagues react and respond to the Environmental Management System.

Checks and reviews the effectiveness of all operations.

Ensures a technologically excellent and safe working environment as well as proper conditions for personnel.

Organizes educational and training programs for all its executives, with the emphasis on environmental awareness as well as Health and Safety issues.

Our company undertakes to fully implement its Environmental Policy, at the same time ensuring that it is well understood and thoroughly comprehended at all levels as well as properly applied by all our staff that have been specially trained for it.

A team of professionals, such as chemical engineers, chemists, biologists, specialized executives and technicians in all stages of planning, organization of production and distribution of products and services, always seek to achieve excellence in research, production and management.

Their long experience and good training contribute to the detailed planning of their work, the right timing, the proper concern for specifications and quality control (including complete tracing ability) and in accordance with the latest technological developments, this finally leads to the best solution to any potential problems.


Human resources


Established in 1974, NILO has been producing and distributing a wide range of detergents for over 4 decades. Today NILO group owns two manufacturing units -in Thessaloniki and Volos- and boasts significant upward development in all areas of business activity.

The production process takes place in fully equipped facilities with automated packaging lines, which together with the well equipped quality control department ensure the best quality of our products.

The production and packaging line includes:

Fully automated production line; from the receipt and storage of raw materials, to the palletization of finished products.

Fully automatic bottling line, controlled by programs regulated by computers


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